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The First Choice for my 3Bs!

Published July 5, 2011 in Hotel & Daycare, Styling, Testimonials |
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“Petopia is the only holistic pet boutique that strongly advocates the use of chemical-free products during their services in Singapore and I am really amazed with their efforts at being a socially responsible business.

I love the way they handle my pooches during grooming and boarding. Although there was an unforeseen incident during one of my pooch’s grooming, they immediately brought it to my attention and provided me and my pooch with timely followups.

On the whole, with such unique and top-notch services, Petopia is my number one choice when it comes to aesthetic services for my pets!”

~ Enrica Yuan & Lorbert

Hotel & Daycare

Published July 4, 2011 in Service, Video |
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Hotel & Daycare

During the day, your animal companion will be in the good company of other hotel guests and our Hotel & Daycare Specialists, in our spacious and comfortable playroom. Our Hotel & Daycare Specialists will play with them, clean up the area regularly and ensure that the guests socialise well and segregate those who do not get along well.

During mealtimes and bedtime they will in their own guest rooms.

The playroom and the guest rooms are air-conditioned, pleasantly scented with essential oils and soft music to ease our animal companion’s furry nerves, relaxing them throughout their stay. Your companion will also enjoy scheduled nap times and daily walks (for dogs only).

Singapore’s First Pet Hotel with Web-cam Monitoring

Miss your companion while you are away? Fret not!

We bring you a revolutionary web-cam service where you can see your companion remotely via your computer or smartphone – a first in a Singaporean pet hotel facility!

Be informed

Find out more about our hotel and daycare services by reading our FAQs and Cancellation Policy.