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Petopia gets full marks on my score sheet…

Published July 12, 2011 in Hotel & Daycare, Spa & Healing, Styling, Testimonials |
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“I can never stress enough how important it is to have a good groomer for your pet. Having the “privilege” of doing some temporary part-time work at a particular pet shop many years back (that has since closed), I saw with my eyes how the non-professional (or self-claimed professional) groomers mistreated those furry companions – rough handling, rough “pulling-combing-plucking” of the coat with the poor dog yelping away in pain, yelling at the dogs while the grouchy “groomers” were complaining and grumbling among themselves about their own job dissatisfaction and more horror stories.

This experience made me wonder how many pet owners know what actually happens behind the scene, the moment they drop off their precious furry ones at the groomer. Understandably this resulted in me being very fussy over my choice of groomer, the environment, the services and its staff for my precious lil’ devil, BamBam.

I discovered Petopia one day via an email, about Petopia’s Green Christmas Collection Drive for Mdm Wong’s Shelter, and have since been going to them about every 2 weeks.

I went on my first visit with a score sheet in mind :

– cleanliness
– professionalism
– transparency
– friendliness
– Product & Service knowledge
– Attentiveness
– Services
– Passion/Animal handling/Interaction

I was glad I placed a tick on each of the item above. I like the transparency for I want to be able to scrutinize every step/handling/care taken on BamBam (call me a fussy worried parent!). On top on that, I love hanging around the clean and peaceful environment watching BamBam while he is groomed or doing his spa (well, I think I have separation anxiety!! :P ) And I can never get lonely with the many cute and friendly mascots at Petopia!! :P I also like the fact that they have a heart and play a part in organizing meaningful events like the collection drive and fund-raising for Japan Tsunami Disaster.

The enjoyable spa treatments relaxes BamBam so much I can practically see his glee after every session I swear!! Petopia is like a playground to BamBam. He’s good with other dogs (and even to Ping the cat!) and the mascots and visiting pets there made him more sociable (warning : does not apply to human oops!).

I’d like to thank Petopia’s pet stylists for their patience with BamBam, and sorry that my boy’s always trying to growl and bare his teeth at you! Not forgetting the times when he tried to do his little terror on Marcus/Richard too! They were even very patient with very very hard-to-handle-dogs, I’ve seen for myself. Trust me the “very hard to handle dogs” behaved so hysterically I almost flipped when i saw it LOL.

I can’t bear to think of leaving BamBam at a Pet Hotel due to the many horror stories heard. But should I really need to in future, I guess Petopia would be my first and only choice – because their provision of a camera monitoring your pet within their hotel premises is of utmost importance in putting my worries at ease.

My only grouse is – how I wish BamBam is a double-coated fluffy dog so he can get Petopia’s award-winning groomers to snip up a ‘hair-do’ for him – Hollywood style!! LOL

Keep it up and going Petopia – I have high expectations of you! Cheers!!”

~ Clara Fu

A Pet Wellness Centre Fuelled with the Passion to Pamper and Improve…

Published July 12, 2011 in Hotel & Daycare, Spa & Healing, Styling, Testimonials |
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“Petopia is the One and Only pet centre that makes me feel their passion for and professionalism in handling my Zhen Zhu (珍珠). They really go out all the way to make sure that all dogs and cats (or some other pets that I do not know of) are well taken care of at their place.

The shop is clean and always smells good with essential oils. The styling area is well organised with waiting place separated (so that dogs that are waiting are not too stressed up by what they see or hear). The “hotel rooms” and play area even come with webcams installed so that owners can see how their dogs are when they are away!

And most importantly, I see their willingness to change, willingness to improve, to keep up with the industry, which is something you’ll not see in many other pet shops in Singapore. Keep up the good work, Petopia!”

~ Alice Wong