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My owner loved her personal tour of Petopia and thought that the facilities were fabulous. I do too!

Published January 6, 2014 in Hotel & Daycare, Service, What's New |
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“Thank you so much for my recent stay with you at Petopia!

I’m sending you a photo of myself looking very depressed the day after I came back – I miss you and my Petopia friends! ( And I hate going on my owners boat!!! where this picture was taken!).

My owner used to be so worried every time she went away, as she knows how fussy we English Bulldogs are about things like airconditioning, toys, and most importantly, about getting as much love and attention as possible every day! Now she doesn’t worry any more, as she knows that when I stay with you, I am really happy.

She loves how easy it is to contact you, and order extra treats and toys, and she is also really thrilled that you love me so much you often let me sit with you in your office, and just be near you, as you know what an affectionate doggy I am.

She told me that she was very impressed by the fact that you insisted that she visit Petopia and meet you and your staff prior to my first stay – she loved her personal tour of Petopia and thought that the facilities were fabulous. I do too!

Wishing you all every happiness in 2014 and I can’t wait to see you soon!!!

Lots of love,

Scratch the English Bulldog”

Mojo’s Memories @ Petopia (By Bernard Tan & Lisa Lim)

Published December 29, 2013 in Hotel & Daycare, Service, Testimonials, Video, What's New |
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As part of our “Memories @ Petopia” series, we have invited 12 families to share about their animal companions and their fondest moments at Petopia…

Find out what Petopia means to them and how we have made a difference in their lives.

In this first video, Bernard Tan and Lisa Lim recount how Mojo and Petopia entered their lives and how they feel about Mojo’s stay~cations at Petopia.