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Microbubble Bath

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Microbubble Bath

Normal metabolism of the skin involves constant cell renewal. Many times, due to a myriad of reasons, the process is interrupted and residual dead skin cells and oil deposits build up, bringing about dandruff-like symptoms and smelly coats. The dead skin cells become a conducive breeding ground for parasites like mites and lice. Oil deposits, on the other hand, will clog pores and hair follicles as well as cause bacterial infestation leading to skin inflammation and various forms of skin disorders.

The solution to preventing such problems lie in ‘effective cleansing’ and not frequent shampooing.

We believe “shampooing” should not be confused with “cleansing”. Instead of mere “shampooing”, Petopia is introducing an alternative approach to achieve effective cleansing; an approach we describe as being immersed “bathing in microbubbles”.

Our animal guests will be bathed in a specially retrofitted tub with water jets, imported from Japan. Once immersed, the swirling lukewarm water will provide a massaging effect to promote blood circulation.

Very fine bubbles (only 10 microns in diameter) will next penetrate deeply into the skin pores to dislodge dirt particles and lift oil deposits to unclog pores and hair follicles. No shampoo is required during the entire process, saving your companion from harmful scrubbing and exposure to harsh chemicals found in most shampoo formulations. This chemical free and safe cleansing option is ideal for companions who are sensitive to even the mildest cleaners.

In our hot and humid weather, our companion are proneto develop smelly coats just a few days after shampoo session. By using our microbubble system to thoroughly remove dirt particles and oil deposits on their skin and coat, you will be able to eliminate the source of odour.

Channel Newsasia – “BlogTV (Furkids)”

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Check out what loving fur parents are doing for their beloved animal companions at Petopia, on BlogTV, a current affairs programme on Channel News Asia on 5 October at 8.15pm online at http://www.blogtv.com.sg/ or 8.30pm on-air!!