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Ultrasonic Ozone Spa

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Ultrasonic Ozone Spa

Just how does an ultrasonic ozone spa session work?

Ultrasonic waves are produced by allowing pressurized air to be forced through chambers in a special mat at the bottom of our jacuzzi tub. As the bubbles cascade and collide with each other, hundreds of thousands more are produced.

The effect is similiar to that of a waterfall.

  1. Naturally produced ultrasonic wave forms that penetrate deeply into the body, including far infrared wave forms ( FIR ).
  2. Via resonant adsorption, the lymphatic system is stimulated from the inside out. It takes roughly 10 minutes for the ultrasonic therapy to penetrate fully into the bones. The result is a gentle heating from the inside out which produces an enhanced detoxification effect.
  3. As ultrasonic wave forms are produced with kinetic energy, a full deep tissue massage effect is achieved. And due to the resonant adsorption with lymphatic system stimulation, your furry companion’s natural thirst mechanism is often quickly reactivated, giving them an opportunity to correctly rehydrate their bodies.

A separate silicon hose feeds ozone into the bath through an attached wide-faced diffuser.

The ozone, entering the bath at about 3%, works immediately in redox reactions, oxidizing dead skin and other waste products, while at the same time producing an abundance of “activated oxygen”, O-, simple peroxides, and organic peroxides.

Feeding the ozone through the bath water provides an enhanced effect of creating an abundance of negative ions in the air, with 20,000-30,000 negatively charged ions above the turbulent water.

The combined effect of the ozone and ultrasonic energy provides a truly therapeutic spa experience for your companion

The above session is highly recommended for companions who require recuperative or rehabilitative assistance, in particular suffering from :

  • spinal injuries
  • muscle and tendon problems
  • immobility problems
  • wide spectrum of skin conditions including atopic dermatitis

  • Clay Pack Far Infrared Therapy

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    Clay Pack Far Infra-red Therapy

    Infra-red energy is known to penetrate tissue to depth of over 2.5cm on animal companions. Of note is that the Infra-red radiant energy output is actually tuned to correspond closely to a companion’s own radiant energy, so that body tissues absorb close to 93% of the infra-red waves that reach the skin.

    The tissues in your animal companions’ bodies, in need of an infra-red boost, will selectively absorb infra-red rays. The tissue will only use the infra-red rays in areas where is is needed. After boosting a tissue’s infra-red energy, the remaining rays pass onward harmlessly.

    As far Infra-red energy is absorbed, it increases fundamental energy by exciting molecules of various cells. With cells being ‘excited’, blood flow is increased and with it, nutrition is delivered and that literally cleans out the toxins and accumulated fats. Obviously this facilitates and accelerates natural healing and increases cellular integrity. Tissues in our animal companion normally produce infra-red energy for warmth and tissue repair. Not withstanding the objective of keeping warm, tissue production of infra-red energy is also associated with a variety of healing responses.

    Exclusively at Petopia, Far Infra-Red Therapy when coupled with our clay pack wraps and Ultrasonic Ozone Spa sessions, are beneficial for treating a broad spectrum of skin conditions often contracted in the tropics, which include:

    • relief of inflammations and an enhancement of the therapeutic effects of the mud wrap
    • improvement in flexibility and joint mobility
    • relief of pain and enhanced join tissus healing
    • reduction in muscle stiffness and pain
    • decreased soreness, swelling and numbness
    • localised warming and improved circulation to numb extremities
    • lessening body odour