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Vote for your favourite Fur~shionista for September!

Published August 26, 2013 in Service, What's New |
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The new season for crowning the cutest Boys and Girls who went through makeovers at Petopia started with Fur~shionista of the Month in July and we have just crowned the third Fur~shionista!

Yet again we have numerous queries on the Fur~shionista of the Month Photo Voting Contest, one of which pertains to the ‘doggies’ used in every month’s artwork.

We’d like to clarify that no stock images have been used so all doggie models are real-life guests whose fur parents have sent them to Petopia for styling sessions.

As we move into the 4th instalment of the Fur~shionista showcase, it is heartening to witness the gradual growth of a legion of fur parents who are making a conscious effort in paying more attention to their Boys’ and Girls’ overall wellbeing, firmly attested with the 11,000 views chalked up on the contest platform in the August instalment.

Being able to look gorgeous after a styling session at Petopia is only a part of the painstaking regime fur parents adhere to in making sure their furbie’s health would benefit from such holistic attention.

Through the Fur~shionista of the Month Contest, we sincerely hope that more fur parents would realise the various factors that interplay to contribute to their furbies’ health.

To all who have been keeping tabs and voting for your favourite contender, we hope to see your furbie in the next instalment!

Click on the image to check out a new line-up of the cutest Boys and Girls in this instalment when the voting starts at 9:00am tomorrow (27 August Tues)!

Give your furbie a makeover by the masters from Tokyo!

Published August 21, 2013 in Service, What's New |
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Have you been flipping the pages of a Japanese pet styling magazine, ogled at all the unbelievably cute dogs featured and wished that your own furbie could don an exact look you simply love?

Here’s the opportunity for your furbie to receive a makeover from not only ONE but TWO leading celebrity pet stylists from Tokyo!

Between 17 to 22 September 2013, the two masters ~ Kenichi Nagase and Ryo Kikuchi ~ would be collaborating on a whole new level in this instalment of Petopia’s Master Series : new colouring techniques would be devised, hair extensions/deco would be designed and new unique looks would be created!

These new looks would DEBUT in Singapore at Petopia rather than in their home country Japan so expect the style factor to hit the stratosphere!

Click on the image to find out more and book!