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Vote for your favourite Fur~shionista of December!

Published November 14, 2013 in What's New |
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The new season for crowning the cutest Boys and Girls who went through makeovers at Petopia started with Fur~shionista of the Month in July and we have just crowned the sixth Fur~shionista for the Month of November on 13 November!

As we move into the 7th instalment of the Fur~shionista showcase, there are three contestants who did not win in the Final Round in the past six instalments making a comeback in this instalment. We warmly welcome them for their gungho spirit to compete again!

We’d like to highlight that starting from this instalment, furbies who have competed in the Final Round but have not been crowned Fur~shionista of the Month would be given the opportunity to come back in a Revival Round at the end of this Fur~shionista Season.

To all fur parents who have been keeping tabs and voting for your favourite contender, thank you for your keen support and we hope to see your furbie in the next instalment!

It’s time for Christmas in December and the handpicked furbies in the current Fur~shionista campaign have all been decked out in winter glee in anticipation for the festivity next month!

Click on the image to vote for your favourite starting 9:00am on 14 Nov Thursday!

Full styling & 2 spa treatments for the price of 1!

Published November 11, 2013 in Service, What's New |
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Want to give your furbie a cool look and a spa treat they’ll never forget?

Now’s the chance for them to be groomed by our Japanese pet stylist and experience 2 rejuvenating spa treatments in a session

All at the price of just a full styling session !!!

Yes, this is a 3-in-1 deal not to be missed!

Plus, top-up $80 to have a lovely framed memento of your furbie’s finished look and spa-rrific moment !

Valid for weekday appointments from 26 November to 10 December 2013.

Terms apply.

Click on the image above to book now!