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#A colouring session is not recommended for guests new to Petopia as we'd prefer to understand your animal companion's skin and coat health well enough over a few styling sessions prior to tailoring an appropriate session.
##This is applicable for severe flea or tick infestation where the parasites have to be manually extracted one by one, to prevent further infestation.



# the preferred time slot states the time at which a session would commence. As such the time slot for the 2nd companion and beyond would be allocated upon verification with our schedule.

< 2 weeks < 4 weeks 5 - 7 weeks > 8 weeks

Please indicate which areas that require extra attention.

Please indicate if your animal companion(s) has/have the following conditions. If yes, prolonged standing will result in extreme discomfort. We'd need to assign an assistant for your companion :

Please indicate which character trait(s) and/ or idiosyncracies best describes your animal companion.

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